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Al-Rafidain TV
Al-Rafidain TV
Land:  Irak
Kategori: Nyheder
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Al-Rafidain TV is an Iraq-based Arabic television channel broadcasting from Cairo, Egypt where its headquarters is located. Launched on 10 April 2006 on Nilesat, the channel is owned by Sunni Arabs and has an anti-Western agenda and supporting Association of Muslim Scholars.
TV Alsam  Irak - Generelt
TV Alsam provide news programs directly and diverse cultural, religious, political, and social programs, recreational, children and other programs.

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Al Rasheed TV  Irak - Nyheder
Al Rasheed Satellite Channel (Arabic: قناة الرشيد الفضائية‎‎) is an Iraq-based satellite television channel broadcasting from Baghdad where its

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Zagros TV  Irak - Generelt
زاگرۆس تیڤی (Zagrostv) له 2005-6-13دا وه‌کو که‌ناڵێکی ساتێلایتی دامه‌زراوه‌. زاگرۆس تیڤی، که‌ناڵێکی میللی، سه‌رانسه‌ری و کوردستانییه‌، که له

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Newroz TV  Irak - Nyheder
Newroz TV is a Kurdish TV channel that started broadcasting in 2007. The channel provides current affairs, documentaries and news in Kurdish, Persian

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Al Baghdadia TV  Irak - Nyheder
Al-Baghdadia TV is an independent Iraqi-owned Arabic-language satellite channel based in Cairo, Egypt. It is considered a Nationalistic channel of

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Aletejah tv  Irak - Nyheder
Aletejah TV is an Iraqi channel. It is one of the most watched news channels in Iraq[citation needed]. It openly supports the Popular Mobilization

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